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The name 'Enlightened Heart' was inspired by an article by Urgyen Thinley Dorje. 'Enlightened' referring to being informed, to impart knowledge, to give mental and spiritual understanding which is free from prejudice and narrow mindedness. Having mental and emotional faculties developed and widened and therefore not bound by ignorance.

The wheel is an ancient Indian symbol of creation, sovereignty, and protection which represents motion, and change. Buddhism adopted the wheel to symbolise the Budhha's teachings, the wheel being identified as 'dharmachakra' or wheel of law.

In Tibetan this means 'the wheel of transformation' or spiritual change, and can represent the overcoming of all obstacles and illusions. In the centre is a 'dorje' which represents indestructibility, and here the crossed dorje represents absolute stability. The wheel is ornamented with white silk scarves, ( a Tibetan symbol of offering ) and is one of the eight auspicious symbols of good fortune. In Chinese Buddhism the symbols are symbolic of the different organs of the Buddha's body and the wheel represents the heart.



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