Dalai acceptable as arbitrator in Karmapa dispute:

Dec 21, 2012

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BODH GAYA: Trinley Thaye Dorje, one of the two claimants to the position of 17th Karmapa, the spiritual head of the Karma Kagyu sect of Buddhists (China-supported Ogyen Trinley Dorje is the other claimant) has said that the Dalai Lama was acceptable to him as an arbitrator to end the over a decade long controversy over the position of the sect chief. About two years back, Shamar Rinpoche, who supports Thaye for the position held discussions with the Buddhist superior priest but no solution could be found.

Talking to mediapersons in Bodh Gaya late Wednesday evening, Thaye said, "Though I prefer a legal resolution of the problem, I am personally not averse to the Dalai Lama playing arbitrator in the matter."

Asked whether he would abdicate in favour of his rival, Ogyen in case the Dalai Lama decreed in Ogyen's favour, Thaye, in an apparently clever response, said that being a spiritual person, he does not get involved in political issues and a final decision in the matter will be taken by his "lineage holders and disciples".

The control over the Rumtek monastery in Sikkim is regarded as the final acknowledgement of the sect headship and as of now, neither Trinley Thaye Dorje nor Ogyen Trinley Dorje have got control over the monastery. The monastery has got huge assets in different parts of the world and as of now, two organizations viz the Karmapa Charitable Trust (supporting Trinley Thaye Dorje) and the Tsurphu Labrang (supporting Ogyen Trinley Dorje) are engaged in a prolonged legal battle for control of the monastery.

Asked if the dispute on the position of the sect's high priest did not confuse the disciples and reflect poorly on the credibility of preachers of peace and soul purification, the spiritual leader said he does not allow such things to come in the way of his meditation and message delivery.

Conceding that it was not necessary to be a Karmapa to attain higher standards of spiritual conduct and agent of peace, Thaye said he was not a 'self made' Karmapa and the lineage holders of the sect have anointed him to the position. Speaking in a somewhat philosophical tone, Thaye said what the eyes see is not always true as "appearances may be deceptive" and meditation alone can bring you closer to truth.

He has no ill will or negative feeling about anyone including his rival, Ogyen as he believes in removing 'disturbing emotions' through meditation and other spiritual exercises, said Trinley Thaye Dorje.



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