Karmapa questioned, searches continue at offices of trust

Jan 29, 2011

Category: Police Raid Jan 2011

Dharamshala, Jan 29 (PTI) Police today continuedsearches at the offices of a trust backed by Karmapa UgyenTrinley Dorje, who was questioned over the seizure of foreigncurrency valued at Rs 7 crore.

Himachal DGP D S Minhas along with senior policeofficers inspected the Gyato monastery and the ashram atSidhbari near here last evening and talked with the Karmapa.

Karmapa was asked about the foreign currency seizedand as expected he said it was received through offerings,Minhas told PTI today.

He said the Karmapa was not under arrest or housearrest.

Searches continued at the offices of the Karma GarchenTrust today and so far Rs seven crore in currencies of overtwo dozen countries, including China, Taiwan, japan, SouthKorea, the UK, the US, Australia, German, has been seized.

Asked about the seizure, Karma Chunyappa, DeputyGeneral Secretary of the Karmapa, asserted that the financialdealings of the monastery were transparent.

"We have a rich history of public service madepossible through financial dealings that are entirelytransparent. We will certainly answer all the questions thatthe press and public have but for now we request you to allowus to concentrate and comply fully with the investigationsthat are underway," he said.

The DGP said that some documents about landtransactions had also been recovered and these were beingscrutinised to find out whether there was a nexus betweenTibetans and some local people indulging in benami land deals.

All non-agriculturists including bonafide Himachaliswere barred from purchasing any land in Himachal without thepermission of the government under section 118 of HP tenancyand Land Reforms Act and Tibetans having refugee status werenot entitled to buy any land.

However, some Tibetans have acquired properties inHimachal and the High Court had issued notices to Tibetans inthis regard.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal today saidthe Himachal Government would share every information aboutthe Karmapa with the Enforcement Directorate and securityagencies.

"Certainly, the government of India must be havingmore information about Karmapa''s activities and the stategovernment would abide by the direction of the UnionGovernment as the matter is linked to internal security," hetold reporters after launching a heli-taxi at Annandalehelipad in Shimla


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